Ossington Lounge Redesign

Upon visiting this grade II property in Ossington and carrying out a room review on the lounge, the positive findings were that the room was large and spacious, there were fabulous period windows allowing a great deal of light into the room and there were lovely high ceilings.  However, the negatives I identified were; the beams in the main were matte dusty black and there was also a single painted white beam that ran along the wall where the television sat.  Radiators were discoloured white and of a modern standard, the carpets were grubby and there was a great deal of plastic casing around the skirting boards housing cables and the room looked in desperate need of a redesign.

before resized  before1 resized

On completing my assessment I made the following recommendations;

  • To bring in the original features for example to remove the large white fitted wardrobes on the wall where the television was situated.
  • Install wooden paneling around three walls, common of this period.
  • Build in a paneled media centre with lighting to make a feature of the room and to house the television and provide valuable storage.
  • New cast iron radiators much more in-keeping with the period of the property.
  • Add spotlights and an ornate ceiling rose and a bronze chandelier to add a wow factor to the room.
  • Replace the wall lights and match wall sockets to the bronzed chandelier.
  • Windows to be dipped and stripped back to their original form and then painted.

The owner looked at my review and was happy to go ahead with all of the points I made and you can see the results of my work from the photographs below.


The owner was thrilled with the end result, a full transformation of the room that was more respectful of the original features and the age of the property.

What is a Property Stylist

Hi, I’m Julie, owner and consultant at Julianne Property Styling.

Julianne Property Styling

Julie Davies – Property Stylist

Do you know something? I’m not an interior designer. I do something different. 

Does this sound familiar? You have a property on the market. You’ve been trying to sell it for quite some time. 

You’ve done everything, and perhaps with more than one estate agent. People come round for viewings, but not enough of these are turning into offers. When they do, the offers are just not high enough.

You know your property is worth the price you are asking. So why isn’t it selling?

At some point, your estate agent might suggest it is time to try dropping the price. Perhaps they already have. You really don’t want to do that.

Would you like to try something else first?

The fact is, no matter how much you’ve done to smarten up your home and de-clutter, it remains “your” home – and that’s the problem.

People walk in and they feel they’re in someone else’s living space. It’s about psychology as much as style and taste. When you have that subconscious feeling of being in another person’s home, it becomes harder to imagine it as your own.

It makes it more difficult to create that desire, that feeling of wanting. Because it’s only when people get that feeling – that emotional bond with the property – that the price ceases to be such an issue.

As a property stylist, I look at your home from the point of view of the buyer. 

Interior design is about personalising a home; I do the opposite.

Essentially, I take “you” out of your property and make it appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. We need them to imagine it as their home.

It’s about giving you the best possible chance of connecting with them – making them feel that emotional “yes”. Because ultimately, every buying decision is an emotional one.

The price of your property is nowhere near as important as how it makes people feel.

Would you like to talk about how we can transform your property? Please give me a call or use my contact form.